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Who you are

You have a business that has sales and some profit.

You have a customer base, your brand and reputation.

You’re operating like a business, you’ve got basics taken care of. You’re confident of your skills. 

You want to service a small, fixed number of clients. You’re happy with a consistent revenue and a consistent amount of money to take home every month. You’re not interested in a feast and famine cycle.

Your business needs to support your lifestyle.

What your issues tend to be

You’re thinking of hiring help.

It seems a bit overwhelming and you’re not sure if you can afford to hire people. Or if you even want to. 

You’re paying WAY too much in taxes. That’s just not right. 

You haven’t started paying yourself yet, and that’s not right either.

It feels like you’re never ready for tax time. When tax time does roll around, there’s always something to pay. Again, its not right. 

What you need

You could use some affordable advise on the next steps.

You want to know all the costs to hiring someone and paying them.

No more surprises at tax time. You want to be organized and ready. 

While you’re at it, you are ready to pay yourself as well!

What we recommend

Ask Me Anything

Just like the title says, you can ask me anything accounting and tax based as it relates to your life and/or your business. Audio/video recording available as needed.

The service is set up for an hour of my time. Use all of it at once or use it in increments of 15 minutes.

How to Pay Yourself, Your Employees & Contractors

This is the most commonly asked question from clients. So I created a digital product that you can consume at your own pace.

There are several components to this question and I lay out all the facts and how-tos from the tax perspective.

Quarterly or monthly
accounting services

Full service bookkeeping is a necessity at this stage.

The link below has more information on how to start working with us if you wish. There are three short videos you can watch, followed by links for your information and to schedule directly into our calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the accounting services cost?

The cost of accounting services depend on what your business requires, the size of your business and the extent of services required. Most of our clients require payroll services, sales tax returns and bookkeeping/accounting. Please contact us for a price quote based on your unique business.

What if I have questions during the year?

For existing clients questions relating to taxes and accounting are built into the monthly/quarterly/annual price. However, when an additional consultation or project is required, the Ask Me Anything service is the best for this purpose. The hourly fee is $250 and billed prior to start of work. Please visit to book.

Do you provide any support for your digital products?

The digital products are priced lower than our hourly rates to make them more widely affordable, and for business owners to work through the extensive information at their own pace. The products are completely self-sustaining and comprehensive. If there are additional questions, there is a support page on the product site.

Want to explore the other business types?

Just Started

If you have a new business

Growth Focus

Your primary focus is the growth of your business, but at strong and steady pace that works for you


Your primary focus is rapid expansion that requires a variety of resources, tools and technology


Our mission is to make taxes easy for individuals and business owners, so they can go about living their lives worry-free.


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