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Who you are

You want to grow your business. Your way.

Whether that’s scaling your revenue quickly or gradually. Whether that means hiring quickly or gradually.

You want to be ready for the growth. You’re not interested in mistakes that cost a lot of time and money. 

You drive the business for now, but you’re thinking of stepping away from day to day operations. That means more assistants and full time employees. Hiring your spouse is a strong possibility. 

Business is good. It pays all the bills, taxes are paid and there’s cash to take home.

You’re day is fully booked out.

What your issues tend to be

Your day is fully booked out and that means there’s no time left for a lot of things. 

You’re not too happy with your work-life balance, if that exists at all. 

There’s always a fire that needs to be put out. If it’s not a customer issue, it’s a decision that needs to be made NOW.

You end up doing too many minor tasks. Your time is too valuable, yet things must get done and no-one else can do it.

Hiring is stressful and not always successful. Besides, you’re not sure how to assess the costs. 

You wish you could clone yourself. That would solve ALL the problems. 

What you need

You need financial advise. 

You need clarity on how to make certain key financial decisions.

Its time to get a good strategy in place.

What we recommend

Ask Me Anything

Just like the title says, you can ask me anything accounting and tax based as it relates to your life and/or your business. Recording available as needed.

The service is set up for an hour of my time. Use all of it at once or use it in increments of 15 minutes if that’s more useful.

Financial Strategy and Tax Planning

This is a customized service. 

We get on the phone to discuss how to help you get exactly what you need and how long the service will last.

It may be coaching or a strategy with action plan and to-dos. 

Deposit required upfront. 

accounting services

Accounting services are a necessity at this stage.

The link below has more information on how to start working with us. There are three short videos you can watch, followed by links to give us your information and to schedule directly into our calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the financial strategy plan cost?

Since this is a completely customized service, it is almost impossible to put a general price on it. However, you get clear actionable steps and if you follow through you will start seeing immediate changes. 

How much does monthly accounting cost?

The cost of accounting services depend on what your business requires, the size of your business and the extent of services required. Most of our clients require payroll services, sales tax returns and bookkeeping/accounting. Please contact us for a price quote based on your unique business.

Does the monthly accounting service include questions I may have?

For existing clients questions relating to taxes and accounting are built into the monthly/quarterly/annual price. However, when an additional consultation or project is required, the Ask Me Anything service is the best for this purpose. The hourly fee is $250 and billed prior to start of work. Please visit to book.

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