Over $1 million in annual revenue

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Who you are

When business is steady at this level, you are operating at high efficiency. You’ve reached the point where your employee capacity is just right. You’re removing or have removed yourself from day to day operations depending on how long you’ve been in business.

You have your clearly defined role. You’re the owner and leader. Or the executive. Or the face of the company. The client base is loyal, steady and growing.

You know the business numbers, all taxes are paid, there are no notices, operations, marketing are all functioning well. Clients are happy, vendors are happy. All is well.

What your issues tend to be

There are not many issues that you face. You’re really looking to fine tune things or get consistent services.

You may be getting periodic profit and loss statements. You may not. You may not see the benefit in that. You may not be getting the numbers you really want in those statements. Profit and loss doesn’t necessarily mean above average % or below average. Or losing money in a specific department. It just means overall. Often, that’s not enough.

There may be a better way to get that information. You may also not want to bother with making a change regarding your long term tax professional. It seems to be working.

Taxes are done every year, and paid on time. It must all be good.

What you need

Running a business without the proper metrics is like driving a car without window wipers. Yes, you can drive the car just fine. But when it rains, especially when there’s a thunderstorm, you lose visibility.

Every business owner in this revenue range needs to have a one pager with the right metrics for their specific industry. Or whats specifically important to YOU. Not just what the IRS wants reported. We’ll give the IRS what they want – they want to make sure you’re paying your taxes. But you may need to see those numbers reported in a manner that makes most sense to you. To run the business at peak efficiency.

What to explore

A part time CFO works with you and/or your staff to get you the numbers you need from your business when you need them. Easily and automatically. This service is custom and tailored to your business. So it costs more and a meeting beforehand is a must.

If you are interested in this service, please drop us a note or you can schedule in a time on the firm calendar.


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