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Who you are

You’re not looking for steady or consistent growth.

You want multiple office locations right away. 

You’re looking to scale to beyond $10 million in revenue in 3 years. Maybe less.

You have a strong ambition and you know your business model. 

Your middle name is speed. 

You are a strategist, you have a clear handle on your numbers. 

What your issues tend to be

Rapid business expansion needs one all important thing: cash flow. 

The only thing that puts the brakes on growth is shortage of cash. 

All other resources need to be optimized as well. 

Hiring. Location. Supplies. Logistics. Attorney. Accountant. Banker.

In one word – relationships. The better the relationships and resources, the more efficiently business grows.

What you need

Real time numbers.

Access to lines of credit and cash. 

Optimal tax strategy. 

What We Recommend

A custom quote so we can provide the numbers you need at the right time. 


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Your primary focus is to have your business produce a consistent income for you

Growth Focus

Your primary focus is the growth of your business, but at a strong and steady pace 


Our mission is to make taxes easy for individuals and business owners, so they can go about living their lives worry-free.


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